Thursday, July 2, 2015

Take #1

I've recently had my first scientific paper published. Some of my family members and friends were truly interested in what I do polite enough to show interest in the result of a year of hard work, and they actually tried to read the paper. Most of them lost it during reading the abstract. Some of them probably gave up reading the title.

This incident was my inspiration for this blog; I actually think that every scientific concept could be explained in a way that non-professionals could understand. I'm still relatively new in my field, and though I'm capable of reading and understanding papers (at least those related to my field of interest), I understand much better when being explained with examples and easy words.

I hope that after this long introduction, I will find the time to write in this blog. I plan to convey my thoughts about some work-related topics and everyday life in the context of computer science. And in a more personal tone, I want to give people a glimpse to what I do, and deprive them of their excuses not to talk about my work ;)


  1. Please continue writing. And please do explain it in simple terms.

  2. Interesting post, thank you for sharing

  3. Find a method that will ignite that desire and motivation for you to start. For me, it starts by making a run to my local Starbucks and grabbing an iced coffee.